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Is your phones Internal Storage size important?

Internal storage space in your phone
Nowadays if you are going to have a good experience with a smartphone, you need to know how much internal storage you will need in your phone. Why? you might ask. Because most of Googles apps and the bigger companies apps do not allow you to move the apps to the expandable microSD card, unless you do something drastic, like rooting the phone.

In for example Samsung’s Galaxy S7 it’s 32GB of internal storage, but it is expandable, there you usually have 500 MB of space used just for Google Maps, which includes a few downloaded offline maps. So here I think 32GB of internal storage is not enough.

How much storage?
If you also want more storage then you should either have a phone that have more than 64GB of storage space, or a phone where you can expand the memory with a microSD card.

Why minimum 64GB?
The reason that you need 64GB of at least storage space in your phone now, is because the way people use more and more apps, which for the most part, can not be moved out of the internal storage.

Youtube 700 MB, and one can’t move it to the external storage either. Google Play Music or any other Music/Spotify program, it quickly uses more than 3-9GB. Now this is also taken from the internal storage, since it can’t be used on the expandable microSD card.

Instagram 850MB
Chrome     745 MB (depends on how many tabs you have open at all times)
Google Play Services 611 MB
Google 445 MB

And this is just a few.

Googles Android system take 7.3 GB of space.

Does not use your internal storage space
Pictures and video files, also takes a lot of space, even though you can delete them since they are probably set to automatic upload to the cloud. But the pictures you can have in the expandable microSD card storage, which is a relief.

The point is, choose a phone with minimum of 64GB of storage nowadays. Then it is more ready for the next 1-2 years.

2 Recommended phones
If you still consider to get a 32GB phone, I highly recommend the Huawei P20 lite: Huawei P20 Lite Link

Or you can have a better priced phone for 64GB, the HTC Desire 10 Pro D10i link

Samsung Galaxy

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