Wednesday , June 19th 2019
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Smart Watches How convenient?

Smart Watches
We normally check our phone for the time and notifications on average 150 times a day.
If you don’t have an always on display, equal to the Samsung Galaxy series, then you also have to turn on the display to read the time.
And you have on some phones, based on settings, to unlock it to read the notifications.

What if you could just have a smartwatch, that took care of time, sms, and some of the apps notifications, how much of the phones usage and battery could you avoid?

A new smartwatch might solve that problem, and you can be much more efficient.
You can use the exercise tracker built in to most smart watches, together with the heart rate monitoring feature.

Keep track of your health and know when you should relax.

Having a watch that’s connected to your smartphone, or through a built in SIM, is extremely convenient.

What watch to choose?
Either you can get an ok watch for a good price, and at the same time know its a branded quality watch, then check out this watch from Samsung, the Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch

Or you can go for the more famous watch, Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch still at a good price!

Samsung Galaxy

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